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Maximum Independence

Our maximum independence bathroom remodel and additions are designed for easy access. They are very easy to get into and out of with entries wide enough for wheelchair entry and exit. Each maximum independence bathroom also provide strong yet stylish grab bars, fold down seating, adjustable shower heads, and many more features providing you and your loved ones with the stability and accessibility you need to maintain your maximum independence lifestyle.

Maximum independence bathrooms are specifically designed for seniors and people with special needs. Let our experienced designers, engineers, contractors, and financial representatives give you the total package you need for your addition or bathroom remodel giving you a bathroom based on your specific needs. Call us or email us today to secure your independence in the bathroom you deserve.

An Example of a Maximum Independence Bathroom

Our maximum independence bathrooms focus on easy access, safety, and stability. Call us today to find out how affordable it is to provide maximum independence in your bathroom.

An Example of a Maximum Independence Bathroom

Safety, security, and accessibility is what a maximum independence is all about. Knowing you can tend to your personal needs safely. Call us today to find out how quickly you can update your home.